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The Brexit Maps are now on show at the Hillingdon Expo!

Brexit at a glance

Twelve maps present the Brexit issues for each sector and region. Each line is a sector, a station is a Brexit issue, each zone is a policy sphere.

The Brexit maps allow us to understand Brexit at a glance. Take the tube and travel through the Trade, Opportunities, EU Rules, International Rules and the People Zones. You can see how Brexit issues and sectors connect, and you may discover unexpected relationships.
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“These Brexit maps are not only utterly beautiful,
they give a world of information in one single picture”

Visitor at exhibition at Going Global Live 2018

“These maps are the only Brexit graphs I have seen that have withstood time;
all others were out of date within months, weeks, or even days"

William Miles, Partner at Briffa

Why Brexit Mapping?

Businesses need to plan for Brexit, but they don’t have time to read long reports, and the negotiations are complicated and unpredictable. It is not surprising many businesses don’t know where to start.

Although the maps are not an exhaustive checklist, they help businesses to think about issues in and around their business, and how they may, or may not change through Brexit. Whatever the outcome of the negotiations, having 'mapped' the issues puts them in a better position to take the next steps.

Brexit Mapping is a joint initiative of EU Affairs Consultant Sietske de Groot and Information Designer Maxwell Roberts.

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